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Ready, Aim, Fire!

Real life has been super busy and complicated lately, but I found some time to hammer out and get the ranged combat system fully functional. The big addition was adding sprite movement to the FX engine. I wrote up a … Continue reading

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Things I Have Learned from Writing a Vintage CRPG

As I am now going into year 8 of creating my vintage CRPG, It’s time to take a look back at things and share what I’ve learned from the experience of having a hobby programming project. Or, you know, I’m … Continue reading

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Debug Blues

Debugging the combat engine continues… it is really good to do so, though, since now it’s actually working and the bugs aren’t completely derailing it. Well, most of the time. A simple register shift being one off caused all the … Continue reading

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Premature Exultation

Ha ha! I got the FX to work! And it is beautiful… Well, it WAS beautiful, until I discovered a horde of bugs around it, such as: Monster graphics are correct, but once in awhile the wrong file loads for … Continue reading

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Bug Extermination

Okay, I spent several hours on code fixing, building, re-building, file editing, spreadsheet updates… all aimed at getting the game back on a (sort of) running basis. I also thought some new screenshots would be nice to splash around the … Continue reading

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A Static Situation

So, I’ve done a further bit of change to how weapons and armor work… now all base types (sword, dagger, leather armor, etc.) have fixed amounts for ALL statistics, read from CPU memory. (I could push it out to disk … Continue reading

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Eating on the Run

The code and spreadsheets are a’changing… so far, I’m really looking forward to how the changes work. With simpler math, the combat engine should be much easier to balance out. As usual, changing some spells was in order. I had … Continue reading

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