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Running the Gauntlet

Hi all! So I went to Fest West 2017 this year, down in Woodland, WA. It was a 3+ hour drive for me to get there, but well worth it. I met a lot of great guys and saw some … Continue reading

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12 years (and counting…)

So what I have been up to, what am I working on, when is the CRPG going to be done? What’s going right or wrong? Time for some answers… Real Life In real life, work is actually going pretty well! … Continue reading

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Dungeon Crawling

So… In the last post I mentioned working on some TI-99/4a side projects. Well, I have finished one! 🙂 It is a 3D dungeon game called “Wizard’s Doom”, a spiritual sequel to the “Wizard’s Lair” and “Wizard’s Revenge” games developed … Continue reading

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Autumn Update

Hey all… if there’s anyone still out there! 🙂 It’s been a busy year for me… I migrated from an SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test) to an SDE (Software Development Engineer) role in my work, which seriously cut into … Continue reading

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Piecing it Together

Happy 2016 everyone! I’m currently working on the world maps for the game. I realized that I needed to sit down and start generating the content… all of it. Towns, people, quests, items sold, locations… everything! The main reason why … Continue reading

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Review – Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress

I’ve decided to start reviewing some classic CRPG’s I’ve played here on the blog recently. Why? Well, there are things I’ve always wanted to say about some games, and it also gives some insight into where I’m going with my … Continue reading

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A Bird’s Eye View…

Sharing a map from the game!

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Holiday Updates

Working hard on this! I’ve been doing a lot of new things in preparation for the game itself. Here are some of the highlights: No Demo I decided that I’m not going to release a demo. My reason? A demo … Continue reading

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Bullet points

Another five months, another sporadic update… 🙂 Been busy with various things; my girlfriend and I completed our living room decor this weekend and it is beautiful! If only my office was that clean and zen… After spending some time … Continue reading

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Hammer and Screwdriver

What’s that title mean? That while you can drive nails and screw-in screws without tools, it’s a much longer and more exasperating process… Tools for development are always needed. Besides my map and graphic editors, I have also wrote tools … Continue reading

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